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  • Beer Lover Gifts

    beer lover hamperVirtually everybody has a beer lover in their lives, whether that’s a Dad who loves a tipple or a boyfriend with a passion for real ale or a friend whose favourite thing is a beer. And when you consider how often it’s difficult to buy things for people, it’s a joy when people make it easy for us to find the right present and then thank us for what we give them. What could be more fun than to please our friends and family by delighting them with the ideal present. Continue reading

  • Belgian Food - Built for Beer!

    Belgian foodEvery culture has its signature food, but Belgium’s tasty and unpretentious cuisine has often been overshadowed by just a couple of famous products - beer and chocolate. This is a shame because Belgium offers a wide and diverse cuisine, based on two cultures, and a lot of it is designed for, or around, beer … so let’s take a little food tour! Continue reading

  • Belgium - Home of Beer

    Belgium beerBelgium beer is a huge subject. Around two thirds of the beer brewed in Belgium is destined for export - showing that the old adage ‘What wine is to France, beer is to Belgium’ is pretty accurate. But it’s not just a product that’s made to sell - Belgium loves beer and has actually applied for UNESCO World Heritage status for it beer culture. Continue reading

  • Blondes have more fun … if they are Belgian beer!

    Whether you call it blonde, Belgian white beer or (as Carolus do, golden or Gouden beer) there’s a wonderful tradition, established in Belgium, of brewing light pale ales, often from pilsner malt, that have a rich flavour totally belied by the pale colour. Continue reading

  • Spooky Belgian Beers For Spooky Halloween!

    “Trick or treat, trick or treat, give us something good to DRINK!”

    Not what you expect your 5-year old neighbour to be chanting as you open the door, but what about us adults? What is there for us to enjoy about Halloween, other than the stress of getting the kids dressed up, out the door and high on sugar and e-numbers just when it’s time to put them to bed? It’s that or you don’t have kids of trick-or-treating age, forgot to stock up on chocolate, and have to spend the evening hiding in the back of your house with the lights turned off… wishing the trick-or-treaters would GO AWAY! Party pooper? Me? No, no there are lots of things adults can love about Halloween, particularly those adults that love Belgian beer. This is where it gets interesting. As a Halloween gift to all our friends we have compiled a list of the spookiest beers to keep you company in the darkened room at the back of your house… Enjoy!


    Spooky Beer #1 Cuvee des trolls The name kind of says it all. Chances are you might spot a few trolls wandering the streets on the most scariest of nights. If you do, remember, SUNLIGHT TURNS THEM TO STONE! All you have to do is distract them until then. Perhaps with a Belgian beer or two? Just saying. Other than the taste, of course, our favourite thing about this beer has got to be the cheeky trolls on the labels.

    duvel beer

    Spooky Beer #2 Duvel This is a beer that really requires no introduction. Named after Satan himself, beware of the cosmic effects drinking the Devil’s beer could have on this darkest of nights.

    deugniet beer 

    Spooky Beer #3 Deugniet Have you ever seen a bottle of Deugniet ? If you have, you will undoubtedly have noticed the picture of the boy showing you his backside (to be polite). This is what happens if you don’t have treats in your house when the trick-or-treaters come (and you failed to turn off the lights and hide in the back of your house). Deugniet means something akin to rascal in English. Of course mooning is something that can happen to anyone who drinks too much of this delicious blond beer.

    la guillotine beer

    Spooky Beer #4 La Guillotine Not a French beer, no, despite the name ! We just thought a little guillotine could perhaps come in handy for those Halloween guests who “forgot” to don a costume.. Just trying to be helpful. We liked this example of a beheaded type Halloween costume btw eugh who comes up with these things? Halloween costumes.

    malheurs beer

    Spooky Beer #5 Malheur 10 Misfortunes to the power of 10 will befall anyone who hides in the back of their house but forgets to turn off the light in the hall.. You have been warned… Trick! Trick! Trick! (Is what they will all be chanting)






    brigand beer

    Spooky Beer #6 Brigand We love the picture on this one. Ok so it’s a bit more Robin Hood than Halloween but surely someone could be walking about with a bow and arrow as weapon of choice? It’s also a nice amber beer that not many people know about.

    Six is the devil’s number so we should really stop there. As an afterthought though we are throwing in a Petrus beer as well..

    petrus blond beer

    Spooky Beer #7 Petrus Blonde Not a scary beer this one. It’s in the list cos we thought St Peter could protect you from all those evil spirits roaming the streets at night. Aren’t we kind?

    Have a great Halloween everyone!


    Signed: the evil spirits who have temporarily taken over from the House of Belgium staff

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